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Extermination of bed bugs in Brussels and throughout Belgium

Bed bugs can move across floors, ceilings and walls as fast as they can – and cause a lot of trouble at the same time. Pest control and bed bug extermination are necessary to get rid of these pests and keep them from coming back. At Nuisibles Out, we provide bed bug elimination for commercial and residential purposes not only in Brussels, but also in Walloon and Flemish Brabant, Hainaut, Namur, Mons, Liège, Antwerp, and surrounding cities.

Bedbugs and fleas: what are the differences?

Bedbugs and fleas are two pests that can invade your home and cause considerable problems. Although they have similarities, such as their tiny appearance and their ability to suck blood, there are important differences between these two insects.

Bed bugs are oval and flat, brown or reddish in color, and have atrophied wings. They feed on human blood at night, leaving small, red, itchy bites on the skin. Bed bugs hide in beds, mattresses, sofas, carpets and other household items, and can be difficult to detect. Bed bugs are often carried in luggage and clothing, making it easy for them to spread in hotels and other public places.

Fleas, on the other hand, have smaller, more rounded bodies, with legs more developed for jumping. They also feed on blood, but can attack pets and humans equally. Fleas usually hide in places where pets like to rest, such as dog beds, rugs, carpets, and couches.

Bed bugs and fleas can cause considerable damage to your home and are difficult to eliminate without professional help. Our pest control company specializes in eliminating bedbugs and fleas in Brussels. We offer tailor-made solutions to eradicate these harmful insects from your home or business.

Our team of pest control professionals uses ecological and safe methods to fight against bedbugs and fleas. We assess the situation in your home or business and offer appropriate treatments to get rid of these pests. We also work with preventative methods to prevent new infestations from occurring.

Contact us now for a free diagnosis and let us take care of your bedbug or flea problem in Brussels. We are here to help you maintain a healthy and comfortable environment for you and your family or for your employees.

What to do if you have a bed bug problem?

Where and when do bed bugs hide?

Bedbugs enter your home through luggage, used sofas and beds, clothing, and other materials, usually undetected. Since they have flattened bodies, it is not impossible for them to fit into tiny spaces as small as the width of a credit card. They like to hide in places like box springs, mattresses, headboards and bed frames – these places give them easy access to bites during the night.

Since bedbugs tend to be active at night, they tend to bite when you are sleeping. Bedbug bites are painless at first, but later they will turn into itchy and red welts.

How long do bed bugs live?

If left unchecked, bedbugs can live for up to about a year, with females living longer than males. They reproduce very quickly, meaning a few individuals can create a major infestation in just a few months.

Bed bugs do not need to feed constantly. An adult bed bug can live for several months without taking a blood meal. This means you can leave your home for a vacation and they will survive until you return.

What should I do if I am infested?

There is no other option than professional bed bug extermination. Unless you want to throw out all your furniture and move house, no effective DIY solution exists for a bed bug infestation.

But you can avoid making the infestation worse by not disturbing their hiding places. You may be feeling vengeful, but if you disturb the bedbugs, they will spread out and find even more places to hide, making the job of extermination more difficult.

Keep the infestation contained and let the professionals remove it.

Tips to avoid bedbugs
  • Make sure there are indeed bedbugs in your home – no ticks, fleas or other insects. Different pests require different types of pest control. The treatment and extermination of bedbugs is reserved for bedbugs and sometimes does not apply to other insects.
  • Clean up any clutter to minimize hiding places.
  • Wash and dry heat your blankets, bedspreads, sheets and any clothing that regularly touches the floor.
  • Kill Bed Bugs Using Heat – Carefully!
  • Keep your family out of your home until the bed bugs have been treated – don’t let bed bugs transfer to them!
  • Vacuuming can be used to remove some bed bugs, but heat is the best treatment.
  • Get professional help! Contact us now for a free quote

A bedbug infestation problem?

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How bedbugs get into our homes – and why we should care

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with bed bugs, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of them. But how did they get there in the first place? And are they really as dangerous as they say? Let’s take a closer look at these little critters. Most of us have heard of bed bugs – those little parasitic insects that feed on our blood while we sleep. But how do they get into our homes? And why should we care about them beyond the fact that they are boring? We are going to explore the answers to these questions so that you are better informed and prepared if you have to deal with a bed bug infestation.

How do bed bugs get into our homes?

Bedbugs can enter our homes in several ways. One of them is hanging on to our clothes or luggage after staying in an infected place, such as a hotel room or apartment that has a bed bug problem. They can also enter our homes inside moved furniture or other items we buy from thrift and second-hand stores. If these items are not properly inspected before entering our homes, bedbugs can easily go unnoticed. Or, if you live in an apartment complex, they may come from a neighboring unit. Once they are in our homes, they reproduce and multiply rapidly, leading to an infestation.

The dangers of bed bugs

Although bedbugs are not known to carry diseases, they can still pose a danger to our health. For one thing, their bites can cause itching and swelling which can lead to secondary infections if not treated properly. Also, people who are allergic to their bites may experience more severe reactions, such as hives, difficulty breathing, and anaphylaxis. If you experience any of these symptoms after being bitten by a bed bug, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

Another danger posed by bedbugs is that it can be difficult and expensive to get rid of them once they have taken up residence in your home. You will surely have to call on our professional exterminator services and treat (discard, replace, etc.) the furniture and other infested objects in order to get rid of them completely. This can obviously be very disruptive – and expensive. This is why it is always best to take precautions to prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place.

Bedbugs are pesky little creatures that none of us want in our homes. But unfortunately, it is too easy to introduce them without realizing it. And once they’re there, getting rid of them can be difficult and expensive. That is why it is important to know the ways in which they can enter our homes and the dangers they pose to our health. With this knowledge, we can prevent infestations and save ourselves a lot of worry later.

They can be brought into homes in several ways. And while they’re not known to spread disease, they can cause other issues like itching, discomfort, and anxiety. If you think you have bed bugs, it is important to contact our pest and disinsection company immediately to get rid of them before they cause more problems.

Do you have a bed bug problem?

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Nuisibles Out. is a bed bug control company. We offer a full service operating in the Brussels region. Our experts inspect your entire home, including your linens, beds, and furniture. Our company can help you eliminate all visible bed bugs and will perform a special treatment to eradicate and eliminate hidden eggs and bed bugs.

Our company guarantees the treatment and extermination of bed bugs in Brussels. To ensure you are 100% pest free, we will also do the necessary pest control to prevent them from returning.

Are you looking for a bed bug exterminator in Brussels? Professional help is available. We will arrive at your door ready and equipped to inspect your property for signs of bed bugs. We proudly serve Brussels, outskirts of Brussels, Walloon and Flemish Brabant, Antwerp, Namur, Hainaut, Mons, Liège, and more.




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