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Keep pigeons away effectively and sustainably

Professional pigeon control services in Brussels and its surroundings

In Brussels, pigeons can quickly become a nuisance for individuals and businesses.

Nuisibles-out offers personalized solutions to control and prevent nuisance caused by pigeons, adapted to the specific standards of each sector.

Our interventions include the installation of anti-pigeon spikes on balconies, facades, and other exposed surfaces, without causing damage to your property.

Using tie-saddles or silicone dots, we adapt each installation to the specific situation of your building, ensuring effective protection against pigeons.

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Why choose Nuisibles-out for your pigeon control?

  • Personalized approach : Every pigeon problem is unique. We evaluate your specific situation to offer the most suitable solution, whether for a restaurant, a hotel, a residential building or a healthcare establishment.
  • Compliance with health standards : Particularly important for the catering and health sectors, our service strictly respects health protocols to avoid any contamination.
  • Discreet and efficient interventions : Our expert technicians intervene quickly, with as little disruption as possible for you, your customers or your residents.
  • Local expertise : Knowing the neighborhoods of Brussels and areas particularly affected by pigeons, such as the Grand Place or the European district, we offer targeted and effective interventions.

Protect your environment against the nuisance of pigeons

Pigeons, when they take up residence, can cause significant damage to buildings, contaminate food stocks and represent a risk to public health. Our pigeon control solutions protect your property and contribute to a healthier and more pleasant environment.

Contact Nuisibles-out today on 0489 / 760 772 for a consultation and a personalized quote. Guarantee the cleanliness and safety of your space with our professional pigeon removal service in Brussels.

What to do if you have a pigeon or other harmful bird problem?

What nuisance can pigeons cause?

Pigeons are responsible for several types of nuisances, including:

  • Material damage : Their acid droppings can damage building materials, corrode metal and deteriorate stone and paint.
  • Sanitary risks : Pigeons can carry diseases such as cryptococcosis, psittacosis and salmonellosis. Their droppings and nests also encourage the development of parasites such as mites and fleas.
  • Obstructions : Pigeon nests can block gutters, drains and vents, causing moisture problems and structural damage.
  • Noise nuisance : The coos and noises of pigeons, particularly early in the morning, can be a source of disturbance.
Everything you need to know about the pigeon

The urban pigeon, or rock pigeon, is very common in Belgian cities. These birds adapt easily to the urban environment where they find abundant food and nesting sites. They often feed on food waste and can breed throughout the year, making them particularly visible in places like Place Rogier in Brussels or near train stations and parks.

How does Nuisibles-out manage starlings and other harmful birds?

In addition to pigeons, we also deal with problems related to starlings and other pest birds. Starlings can form large groups and cause significant noise pollution, not to mention the risk of contamination by their droppings.

We use environmentally friendly techniques to keep them away from populated areas.

Why is it important to control the pigeon population?

Controlling the pigeon population is crucial for several reasons. Not only does it help reduce the risk of disease transmission and damage to infrastructure, but it also helps maintain a cleaner and more pleasant urban environment for residents and visitors.

How can I get a quote for pigeon control services?

To obtain a personalized quote from Nuisibles-out, you can contact us directly on 0489 / 760 772. We will assess your specific needs and propose a solution adapted to your situation and your budget.

For more information or for rapid deployment of our services, contact Nuisibles-out. Together, let’s protect your living or working space against the nuisance of pigeons and other birds.

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