Canine detection

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The unmatched precision of a dog’s sense of smell allows targeted intervention in areas affected by bedbugs.

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The speed of dogs is a key asset in the efficiency of bedbug detection.

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Early detection

Optimizing interventions to prevent any deterioration of the situation allows for savings in both time and money.

Engage canine detection services

To ensure immediate and effective canine detection, our team of dog trainers provides the optimal solution.

Using this method, it is possible to become aware of the presence of bedbugs and locate them precisely before visible signs appear to the human eye. This allows for early elimination and prevents the situation from worsening.

Our canine detection method is suitable for diverse environments, including private homes as well as housing professionals such as hotels, guesthouses, Airbnb, etc., the HoReCa sector, and many others.

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in the fight against bedbugs

Bed bugs reproduce rapidly, meaning that a few individuals can lead to a major infestation in just a few months. Canine detection allows us to address this issue before it becomes too widespread.

Our detection dogs

Nuisibles-Out works with a dog trainer and renowed coaches. Their dogs are trained by professionals using new methods and techniques in canine training within the detection field. They are also regularly assessed to ensure their effectiveness.

When should you engage canine detection services?

If you observe symptoms generally consistent with the presence of bedbugs but are not certain, or if you are returning from an infected area, canine detection may prove useful. This may also be good to carry out after confirmation of an infestation in order to identify the affected rooms, or at the end of a treatment to certify that there are no longer any bedbugs.

The benefits of canine detection:

  • The olfactory sense of dogs enables a reliability of 95%, even during a recent infestation.
  • Their accuracy allows targeted elimination to limit the work required.
  • The detection speed of dogs is an asset for quickly covering large areas.
  • There is no need to empty rooms and/or move furniture.



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Immediate detection


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Canine detection

Bedbugs in your hotels, guesthouses, lodges, Airbnb

The presence of bedbugs or other pests is unacceptable in a collective lodging room. Surely, for guests, there is nothing worse than finding a bedbug in their vacation accommodation. If your housing is infested, there is only one solution: seek help from experts. Nuisibles-Out detects and exterminates your bedbugs in Brussels and throughout Belgium, notably through the innovative canine detection method.

Canine detection is an ideal method to assess the severity and extent of infestation in your hotel and Airbnb rooms, even in the most inaccessible areas. This procedure is extremely effective and, above all, very fast. You won’t even need to move furniture or empty rooms, which is a significant advantage.

Nuisibles-Out’s unparalleled reputation in pest control is a guarantee of quality and signifies that we understand the importance of protecting a good address.

Preventive inspections for professionals

When you own an establishment, it is advisable to conduct regular preventive inspections to minimize the possibility of a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs are not only attracted to beds, contrary to their name. In fact, all establishments or premises with a significant area are susceptible to attract bedbugs.

These establishments are at risk of infestation: restaurants, stores, hotels, cinemas, libraries, schools, boarding schools.

At Nuisibles-Out, our experts provide canine detection followed by extermination if necessary to ensure public safety and well-being.

The causes of bedbug infestation

Contrary to other pests, bedbugs cannot travel long distances on their own. However, due to their small size, it is very common for them to slip into your clothing, bags, or suitcases to travel around the world.

The main causes of infestations include purchasing items already infested, hosting contaminated individuals, returning from a stay in housing with bedbugs, or even using public transportation.

If you have doubts about the presence of pests, our canine detection pest control service will allow you to become aware of an infestation and understand its severity and extent, enabling effective and swift extermination.